Rossi, founded in 1953, is a leading company in the sector of gear reducers and gearmotors.Since 2004 Rossi is a member company of the Habasit Holding Group based in Reinach (BL), Switzerland, which is a world leader in its sector and owns 100% of Rossi stock capital.

Over its 60 years in business, in this environment that is replete with resources offering creativity and specific skills, Rossi has developed know-how and experience that has enabled it to lead its market, because of the excellence of its products and of the industrial solutions it offers.

Rossi was the first gear reducer manufacturer to introduce surface grinding of all gears, the third European gear manufacturer to obtain ISO 9001 certifi cation, and the fi rst to develop the concept of the single?piece housing gear reducer.

Product quality, innovative solutions, technical skills, investments in research and development, and advanced technologies have been Rossi’s distinguishing traits ever since it was founded.

Rossi invests at least 5% of its turnover into the development of new products, services and processes that enable the company to enjoy a competitive advantage and be a leader on its market.

Production facilities are equipped with advanced machinery and equipment, and are constantly upgraded.

Continuous innovation, a commitment to ongoing improvement, and the highest consideration for the customer’s requirements have enabled our company to consolidate its image over the years as a reliable, competitive partner, on the worldwide level.

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